Healthy Peppermint Slice

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Peppermint and chocolate is a fantastic combination and even more so when it’s refined sugar free, full of the good stuff and still tastes amazing! Howzat?

I put together this recipe last year but have made a slight change, as I didn’t like the way the coconutty part was a bit crumbly. Macadamia nuts to the rescue as their oil content helps the ‘stick it’ factor and mild taste takes on the flavour of whatever you put with it and ‘ta daah’ pepperminty slice perfection.

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Healthy White Christmas Slice..

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Christmas is coming! And the best news is, all your favourite dishes can be made in a healthy way without sacrificing the sensational flavours.

I have tasted the traditional White Christmas slice in the past and while it looked fantastic, one piece and I had an immediate headache and felt instantly tired like sugar tends to do to me. Not to mention wanting to eat the whole batch.

So I whipped up a Slim Birdy original and oh my, tastes like the most amazing white chocolate without the hangover! Add this one to your Christmas cooking list…

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White Chocolate Chai

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So now that I’m off the caffeine for good, one thing I was really going to miss is my favourite chai tea. There was something about all the spices that would take me to my happy place and coupled with black tea like it normally is, that happy place was being visited all too frequently! Damn you seductive caffeine.

Anyway, so I went off in search of something that I could enjoy just as much and I remembered the White Chocolate Chai tea I had at Max Brenner’s Chocolate shop. Theirs is so sweet it nearly knocks your head off and that’s the beauty of making your own, you can adjust it according to your own taste.

So scouting a few recipes, it includes all the things I normally cook with, so prepare yourself for another taste sensation…

White Chocolate Chai

Serves 2

1 cup water

1 cup coconut cream

1 inch x 1-inch square of cacao butter

½ tsp Ceylon cinnamon powder

3 cardamom pods

3 clove spikes

4 tiny scoops stevia powder

dessert, paleo, vegan, dairy free,

Put all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally while the cacao butter melts and the mixture heats to a simmer.

Strain out the spices and serve in mugs. Yum!

white chocolate chai, sugar free, slimbirdy, slim birdy, healthy

Cinnamon floating on top, looks like chocolate!

Further notes…

Now the longer you leave it on the stove the more the spices will infuse, but I don’t have the patience for that kind of perfection. I want my chai and I want it now!

There were also recipes where they take the heated mixture above and whiz it in the blender to disperse the cacao butter into finer particles. Again completely up to you, as I don’t mind the oil slick on the top – it tastes like white chocolate!

As I like to make this on the run sometimes too, I completely dispense with the pot and just pour hot water in a cup over the cacao butter, add a dash of coconut cream, the spices etc and away I go.

Yay! Now I can stay caffeine free and still have my chai spice happiness too. Whoo hoo!

Simple pleasures.


Kristy xxx

Caffeine… the final showdown…

So it’s final… I am so ready now…

About three months have past since the actual time frame of my goodbye caffeine story. Read it here.

After my initial few weeks of swearing off it for a while and reaping the benefits of feeling calm, hydrated and clear in the head, I left it with a possible option to continue having my beloved black and chai tea albeit with some restrictions because caffeine is one of my psycho addictive foods and I know this.

As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, it so is and the result of the last three months has proven it to me yet again. Not that I needed proof but it’s more like that it’s hard to shake or stop something that you love and so you try and try every different possible way to enable it to stay. Or I’m a slow learner!

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My day on a plate…

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Fellow blogger Julie from Me my Best and I invited me to describe what I eat on a typical day as part of her My Day on a Plate series. I thought it was a great idea because in any kind of conversation around food and all the things I don’t eat, people always ask me, “so what do you eat?!” So here is a snapshot.

And as a double treat, we are giving away a copy of my book – Lite as a Feather! So if you don’t have one yet, by all means enter to win.

See the My Day on a Plate post and competition entry here.

Thanks Julie!



Kristy xxx



Sugar Sugar oh Honey Honey

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“…you are my Candy girl, and you got me wanting you!” This 60s song by the Archies while intended to be about a person is actually eerily appropriate to describe my relationship with the sweet stuff. Total obsession.

Many years ago I knew something was up when anything with sugar in it would make me hoover the whole packet, box, bar, block, whatever. I would think about, plan, plot and scheme how I could get more and have another ‘hit.’ It would plague me, like a broken record in my head, over and over. Must have, must have.

I would even look at the dessert menus first in restaurants and while in the thick of it all, I slowly ate more and more sugary food in place of any other food. Total addiction.

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Vanilla Coconut Bliss Ice-cream

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I don’t know about the southern states but here in Queensland summer has hit with a vengeance. We’re having 30°C (86°F) days most days even though it’s only mid Spring. So hot weather calls for nothing better than a nice ice-cream and it’s even more perfect when the dessert in question doesn’t derail your health and weight loss ambitions. I like it!

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