Menulog take-away for healthy diets – easy peasy!

I worked out long ago the foods that work best with my body, mainly through trial and error and seeing how everything feels. The best feeling foods then resulted in easy weight loss, easy maintenance of my optimal weight, feeling amazingly healthy and no out of control cravings or binge eating because I was eating exactly what my body needed. Total bliss.

So to stay in this blissful state, I leave a whole lot of stuff out of my diet like sugar, grains, and most meat and stay as low carb as I can. As a result, I mostly cook at home; however sometimes you don’t feel like cooking (well for me that’s quite often – I have to be in the mood to cook) so at these times, take-away food is such a relief and a blessing. And you would think that with all the things I don’t eat, finding take-away food that keeps me on track would be difficult, but in fact the opposite is true.

Let me show you what I would choose…

Italian Food

In amongst all the pasta and pizza, the Italians also make fantastic fish dishes with loads of veges and beautiful sauces. I have always been able to find something to eat in Italian restaurants. It’s funny too leaning towards being vegetarian usually the vego options are carb filled vegetarian pizzas or pasta with a tomato sauce. When you know what you are looking for though, you can uncover the gold.

Brisbane – Kookaburra Café Paddington – Calamari Salad
Sydney – La Illtimo Café & Pizzeria – Garlic Prawns & Greek Salad
Melbourne – Café on Bourke – Calamari in Salsa & Garden Salad
Adelaide – Lakeside Café – Garlic Prawns & Grilled Vegetarian Salad,
Perth – Pasta Fiesta – Grilled Barramundi

Indian Food

Love Indian and when you scoot past the naan bread, pappadums and rice, everything else is weight loss heaven. They have super tasting vegetable based dishes as well as fish and prawns. There’s a complete feast to be had here.

Many who are still stuck in the ’80 diet advice time warp would exclaim “but what about all that cream?” The notion that fat makes you fat is completely trashed, it’s actually only bad fats that cause a problem and besides much of the Indian food is made with coconut milk or cream and the humble coconut has emerged in recent years as somewhat of a super food. So this option is a total winner.

Brisbane – Nataraja Indian – Prawn Masala, Raita & Salad
Sydney – Maya Tandoori – Tandoori Prawns & Saag Paneer (Spinach & cottage cheese)
Melbourne – Zam Zam Café Restaurant – Vege Korma
Adelaide – Urban India – Fish Tikka Amritsari & Raita
Perth – City Spices – Prawn Malabar

Thai Food & any Asian Cuisine

Lots of options here too that keep you on your wellness track. Again lots of tasty veges and fish type dishes available – just stay away from the rice.

Also I am a fan of no MSG (I can tell if food has it because the next day I wake up super dry in the throat and feel a bit hung over) and stay away from the sweeter sauces as they are likely to have sugar in them.

Brisbane – Thai on Brunswick – Fish Cakes & Pla Marnow (Steamed fish with lemon sauce)
Sydney – Eat Thai Darlinghurst – Betel Leaf Prawn, Stir Fried Mixed Seafood with Lime, Pepper & Chilli
Melbourne – Thai Culinary – Gado Gado, Thai Royal Green Vege Curry
Adelaide – Indochina Restaurant Unley – Sizzling bugs & Prawns
Perth – Lanna Thai Cuisine – Tom Kha Pak (Vege & mushroom)


Once again love this type of food and many would be shaking their heads at me… “but what about the cheese, sour cream, guacamole?” Yes, yes and yes, all allowed in my way of eating. Those with a dairy intolerance may not agree but fortunately that is not one of my issues.

There is a particular dish I love at Montezuma’s restaurant called Montezuma’s Delight, which is basically diced raw vegetables; it has some re-fried beans (which I normally don’t eat but full of protein, so no harm done there) and tastes amazing. I ask for extra sour cream and guacamole to slather on the top – now that’s what I call a salad!

Brisbane – Montezuma’s New Farm – Montezuma’s Delight of course!
Sydney – Mickey’s Paddington – Crumbed Zucchini, Pan-fried Salmon
Melbourne – Tapachula North Melb – Pumpkin Salad with Lagostina a la Plancha (Prawns with lemon & chilli)
Adelaide – Cha Chi’s Mexican Cantina – Chilli Wedges with Guacamole*
Perth – No Mexicans options unfortunately – found a gap in the offering!

* While I am usually low carb, I do eat potatoes and this was the best option for me at this restaurant.

So I love take-away food for my uninspired cooking times and can always find great things to eat that match my lifestyle. Finding a nearby take-away option has never been easier than with – I had no idea there were so many Indian restaurants near me! Great idea, lots of selections and so easy to use. I think I’m hungry now! Nom Nom.

Easy food time!


Kristy xxx

Low Carb Cheesy Chips

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More people have asked me about savoury snack ideas as I do make a lot of sweet stuff – my personal preference. I seem to enjoy the sweeter stuff more in terms of feeling satisfied more quickly, I guess because my version of sweet is less sweet than commercial products and higher in good fats, which is maybe why it hits the spot for me better. Who knows?

All I do know is what my body likes and I can tell when I may have had too much sweet, it clearly gives the signal – time for some savoury/salty stuff now. So it’s good to have some options up your sleeve.

I have posted this delight on Facebook before but I wanted to get it on the blog too. Fitting in with my ‘easy as all get up’ theme – the easier the cooking the more I like it!

At the moment too I am experimenting with seed crackers and I am up to batch three. They are getting there and while my cooking buddy at my part-time day job has perfected her batch from a great easy recipe, I wanted mine to be seeds only for those nut allergy/intolerant peeps and while my batch number 3 tasted close to her rosemary/sea salt batch of loveliness, mine were close but not as good. So I have one more trick to try to bring them up to the ‘blow you away’ factor and then I will publish it too. So stay tuned, in the mean time, let’s get cheesy…

Low Carb Cheesy Chips (Makes about 12)

Handful of grated cheddar cheese

Handful of grated parmesan

How you do it…

Toss together

Put little piles on a tray coated with alfoil and space out giving room to spread

snacks, savoury snacks, easy snacks, weight loss, healthy

Cook for 10 mins on 200C ( 390F)

Ensure they brown a little

Pull out of oven and allow to cool before you pull them off the foil

Apparently they last a few days in an airtight container.

So this one is a little temperamental like the Sesame Seed Snaps in that if you undercook it, then it becomes chewy rather than crunchy. If you leave it in a smidge too long, then it burns and tastes yuk.

So at the 10 minute mark, watch carefully and make sure they are the right level of ‘just browned enough.’ And leave in a few minutes longer if necessary.

Choose the best quality cheese you can afford with the least preservatives and additives. It makes a world of difference.

The flavour of these is so intense and rich but it is real food at the same time and not a crap load of chemicals, so one or two should satisfy the craving.

You can eat them as is or top with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill and even a tomato-ey salsa would be nice, or cool Indian raita (cucumber dip.) Love to hear what you would put on your cheesy chips.

Crunch, crunch.


Kristy xxx

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

OMG! I’m love with these things.

Something so simple to make yet hits the sweet, savoury, satisfying rich taste that only peanut butter can do, all at once. And it’s low carb too, a healthy weight loss miracle!

And if it doesn’t have enough going for it already, I have found this base recipe to be so versatile, it can morph into other things such as a base for a slice, add dried fruit and nuts and they become bliss balls, cover in healthy chocolate and it turns into heaven… with many more adaptations to discover I’m sure, so let’s get mixing…

Slim Birdy – PB Protein Balls

What’s in it…

2 TBS vanilla protein powder

2 TBS peanut butter

2 TBS organic maple syrup

How you do it…

Combine, roll into balls, chill.

And that’s it! Bliss.

PBBallsOxygenMag, healthy treats,

Feature in Oxygen Magazine March 2014

I’ve tried it with other nut butters too and while it’s good, it’s slightly different because PB has more of a savoury taste, so to balance it all out, you need to add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt or else it’s all too sweet.

So this mix is the middle of my PB Chocolate Tweet Cups and the base for my PB Choc slice so it’s a good one to commit to memory, which is super easy to do with only three ingredients – yahoo!



Kristy xxx

PS: I’ve finally discovered Pinterest! If you’re a keen pinner look me up – – it looks like fun but I have lots  to learn!

It’s time to say good-bye to…

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What amazes me about my whole health and weight loss journey is that while I have come along way from the overweight days and have learned so much, the universe never ceases to amaze me further with new discoveries all the time.

Usually these revelations don’t come out of the blue but they build up over time and if I don’t get the message in the early stages where the discomfort is minor, it gets to a major discomfort stage to get my attention. Think pain, hardship, embarrassment, whatever – it just gets worse until you do something about it.

So if you have read any of my other stuff you will know that I am addicted to certain foods. I learned that this was the case because when I would eat that certain food, all sense went out the window and I would eat it until I was sick. No amount of portion control or trying to have just one ever helped. It was an overwhelming force propelling me towards it.

The tricky part is that I wouldn’t always eat the whole thing the first time around. I might have a bit but then once the door was open to the possibility of having it, then it would plague my thoughts and I would plot and plan when to have it again and soon not only was I having it all the time, I was having it before other food or eating only this. Just completely crazy out of control as well as feeling sick and miserable.

But not all food did this to me, only some foods and the only way to beat addiction, is not to have it at all. But before you say “but that’s impossible for me,” the trick is that to substitute the food that makes you crazy with another similar one that doesn’t. And you totally don’t feel like you are missing out at all. I love it in fact because I can still have the amazing taste without all the craziness – constantly trying to hold yourself back from eating the whole packet is a nightmare – especially when you have to do it all the time, at every meal or snack or drink or whatever. Totally exhausting!

That all completely goes though when you eat the food that works for you. Your body kicks into automatic pilot, it knows when to stop eating. It’s quite brilliant once you tune in. However some weird things started to happen around a substance I have had trouble with in the past and it might be time to say good-bye to…


It is one of my crazy out of control foods and my book Lite as a Feather goes into all the stories about my ridiculous coffee addiction. My substitute for this though was tea – black tea, chai tea, camomile, peppermint and any kind of combination out there. I was willing to try them all because I love it. It is soothing, distracting, helps me determine if I am really hungry or just need a break from whatever I am doing. Helps me get my water quota in for the day, (non-caffeinated types do.) All marvellous. Love Tea. (All except any with flavouring in it because even if it says natural flavour, it instantly gives me a headache.)

So all has been well for many years and I love sipping my tea, however lately some strange things have been happening, which because I am well aware of my food addictions, I recognise the same behaviour. So in relation to caffeinated black tea I was noticing the following…

  1. It’s the first thing I was having in the morning.
  2. I wasn’t stopping at just one or two and moving on to water or other teas
  3. I would continue to have it throughout the day
  4. I wasn’t drinking water because I was drinking this tea
  5. I would come back from a walk and have another tea
  6. I was feeling a bit anxious
  7. The thoughts of the next cup of tea were popping in my head
  8. Whenever I was at the hairdresser or visiting a friend and they offered tea sometimes I would choose camomile but lately it was always only black tea
  9. I would have a slight headache upon waking in the morning

And if all that wasn’t enough to get my attention, then a major sign happened…

adrianalfordphotography, elope pics, elopement photographer

I was visiting a friend and it was late afternoon about 4pm and she made a really strong pot of tea, I enjoyed it at the time and thought nothing of it. But later that night, I was still lying awake at 1:30am and wondering what was wrong with me. Normally I am quick to fall asleep and I go to bed no later than 10pm.

The next few nights too I kept waking up throughout the night and, which is so unlike me, I am usually a really good sleeper – out like a light until the appropriate wake up time. And I was really, really thirsty, all the time.

So I thought I would stop with the black tea for a while and just monitor the progress and while it’s only been a few days here is what I have noticed:-

  1. I readily drink the water I am supposed to drink.
  2. I am happy to mix the herbal teas around and drink all different ones.
  3. I seem to need to go to the bathroom less.
  4. I am not as thirsty.
  5. My skin already feels less dry and wrinkles are softening.
  6. My head is clear and not fuzzy.
  7. I seem to be less hungry.
  8. I seem to be happier with less cups of tea in total than I was before.
  9. I feel an enormous sense of peace and calm.
  10. I am back to sleeping soundly all through the night.
  11. No headaches
  12. My teeth are whiter!

All this and it has only been a few days!

herbal tea, tea, hydration, diet, weightloss

Now you might say well it’s pretty obvious that you just were not drinking enough water along with the tea and this is completely true. Good spotting! Maybe even just drinking it too late in the afternoon. All true as well.

However I guess the thing is with all my food addictions, I wanted to get to a place in my life where I don’t have to consciously think of what I can and can’t have at every meal/beverage choice time. It’s exhausting and tedious.

“Do I allow myself this time or not? Maybe just this one this time and then no more?”

Which sounds incredibly sensible but then ‘the sneak’ happens (read The Sneak story here) where before you know it, you are having six a day and choosing it before other foods/drinks and it all gets out of hand. This is what addiction does to you. Well it does to me anyway.

So my preferred method is to just set a rule – no caffeinated tea – and the rest just flows, seamlessly, effortlessly. Just like it did with my weight loss when I said no to all of my addictive foods and replaced them with super yum alternatives that didn’t send me into a tailspin. (I didn’t do it all at once but assessed each food over time.)

Anyway, following my little experiment I am feeling much better for it. I still have my hot chocolate to drink if I feel like something ‘milky.’ Am I missing my little caffeine buzz? Maybe a little but the downside was getting to the point of being downright painful, so it’s not an even trade.

At this stage I don’t know if I will go back at all or if I do, it might have to be with strict guidelines – one cup a day only or one only on a Sunday. I always knew for me that tea was mildly addictive, but I thought I could manage it. Obviously it had other ideas and did the old smack down to show me whose boss.

Love to hear your caffeine stories whether it’s coffee, tea, cola or the ‘energy’ types of drinks, heart palpitations anyone??

Stay tuned; I will let you know if I manage to keep it out of my life for good.

Buzz, buzz.


Kristy xxx

Healthy Top Deck Slice

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This is dedicated to my friend who is having the time of her life as tour leader on a Top Deck bus tripping around Europe. Her story is proof that with a little hard work and lots of perseverance, a really huge dream can come true!

When she gets back, I will be sure to cook her a batch in celebration! Go Travel Girl!

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Healthy White Chocolate Fudge

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So I was remembering my younger days and my preference in chocolate was always the milk chocolate type, not dark as that seemed too bitter (didn’t know at the time it was the best kind, more likely to have any nutrients in it,) plus my taste buds were ruined with a sugar overload.

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The moment I turned downstream…

I am a huge fan of Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction mainly because it makes so much sense to me. The concept is basically ‘what you think about you bring about’ and if you are all doom and gloom, then guess what? That’s mostly what shows up in your life.

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