My friend and… let me tell you about this naturopath diet…

I had told dear friend Maryanne about the progress of my book and she listened intently like the loyal and beautiful friend that she is. She has heard about this book and the way I eat for about two years now, so perhaps it is sounding more like blah, blah, blah to her now.

Anyway, so we moved on to her news and she proceeded to tell me about a naturopath she was chatting to who told her about these weight loss drops to suppress your hunger and the diet you eat of only 500 calories.

What the?

I stopped in my tracks and my jaw dropped open. I involuntarily started shaking my head and blurted out, “Nooooooo!”

But I understand where it comes from; everyone seems to want to do something extreme instead of the boring, easy steps, which over time takes you to nirvana. Even on the radio last week they were discussing poor Peaches Geldolf and juicing and dieting and the announcer said “you should only go on a restrictive diet for a while and then eat normally again after that.” No way! No you shouldn’t. This is what is causing all the problems in the first place.

So back to lovely Maryanne… she has listened to me a little in the past, where she changed her sugar intake and tried stevia and organic maple syrup instead and all she actually needs is little tweaks to what she eats and her weight would come off. Simple little tweaks, that’s all.

She eats a lot of bread, which she could drop and she was telling me about the smoothies she makes with bananas – just a change to a low carb fruit and low carb milk option would do it. She doesn’t need to restrict or starve or even block the hunger.

Hunger is good; it means your metabolism is working. You just have to feed it, often, with the right things. No suffering, nothing extreme and the weight comes off! Really. I promise.

I reminded her, “all the times you have tried diets before, has it worked?” She said, “no.” And given that she still wants to lose weight, it is proof it definitely hasn’t worked permanently before.

So I said, “even if you do this and you do lose weight, if you go back to eating the way you did before you will put it back on again – so can you keep up 500 calories forever?” She looked a bit forlorn and said “no, and actually I remember last time I tried a diet I would get dizzy and lightheaded from the hunger. I think I need to come and live with you for a while and learn new habits!”

That would be perfect, I wish I could do that with everyone who really wants to lose weight. It’s just tiny changes, really it is. Please believe me, it will save you years of suffering!

What tiny change will you make today?

Love & raw cacao chocolate.

(…not just at Easter, every day! Whoo hoo!)


Kristy xxx


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