3 Healthy Savoury Snacks…

A couple weeks back I posted my avocado dip with carrot sticks on instagram because even though I know about this delicious combination, I totally forgot about it.

Does this happen to you?

And when I am hungry now, I want my snack now! So I tend to try and make it as quick and easy as possible and not an ordeal to make.

So in order to remind myself, as well as everyone else, here are a few healthy weight loss inducing savoury snacks.


Avocado Dip

1 Avocado
2 TBS Greek Yogurt
pinch Himalyan Rock Salt

Mash together.

(Other addition suggestions have been garlic oil and lemon juice. Thanks Bec!)

Enjoy with carrot & celery sticks or cucumber slices.

Image by Adrian Alford Photography

Image by Adrian Alford Photography

PB & Tahini Dip

1 TBS Peanut Butter
1 TBS Tahini
2 TBS Olive oil
pinch Himalayan Rock Salt

Mix together and enjoy with carrot & celery sticks.

Image by Adrian Alford Phtotography

Image by Adrian Alford Photography

Cucumber with Feta & Avocado

8 slices cucumber
8 cubes of feta
8 slices of avocado
Himalayan Rock Salt & Pepper

Assemble together, sprinkle with salt enjoy.

All low carb and good fats, with hopefully enough flavour to keep the hunger at bay for a few hours.

Love to hear your easy savoury snack suggestions that follow the Slim Birdy principles – easy to make, low carb, no refined sugar and I eat only fish and no meat – but if you do that’s totally cool. You may love to snack on a few slices of ham or meatballs. Up to you! Bring it on.

Nom, nom,


Kristy xxx


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