Avocado Chocolate Mousse

On your journey to weight loss, discovering a better way to make your favourite taste sensations is critical if your new lifestyle is going to last for the long haul.

So many people I see are trying to lose weight again and again, because they were able to muster enough willpower/determination for long enough to stay away from the cookie jar or keep going to boot camp for 3 days a week and get some results, but once that laser focus is relaxed even for a little, it comes piling back on again. So I’d say the method is wrong, wouldn’t you?

So let’s create a lifestyle where you can get to and stay at your goal weight easily and part of this is replacing fake sugared up foods with the real thing. Bonuses include nutrients in, excess weight off, taste sensations every day and no missing out on anything!

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

This is soooo rich, two spoonfuls at a time and I’m done. But totally hits the spot when you need a little something sweet and decadent.

What’s in it…
1 avocado
2 TBS rice malt syrup
1 TBS raw cacao powder
½ cup ‘milk’

How you do it…
Whizz in a blender, chill, eat.

I use coconut cream as my ‘milk’ but you can use any type of milk that works for you.

Can it get any easier than this? Good fats, a hint of sweet, chocolatey goodness and so satisfying. Bellissimo.

Chocolate love,


Kristy xxx


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