Lemony Baked Salmon

Let’s take a little diversion from sweet treat recipes this week because yes, while I find them fun to make and let’s face it – eat as well – the other 95% of the time I’m eating protein, veges and healthy oils to keep everything ticking along in vibrant, healthy bliss without the sweet factor.

One of my favourite and easiest things to make for dinner is Lemony Salmon. I’ve yet to find any other flavour with salmon that I like as much – maybe you can let me know how you cook it, so I can expand my repertoire!

It has to be just as easy though or else it’s out. It’s super important that cooking for me is easy or I just won’t do it. And when you get the combination of healthy and easy, now we’re talking!

So let’s get cooking…
Lemony Baked Salmon
(Serves 2)

1 large salmon fillet
4 TBS butter
2 sprigs of rosemary or 2 TBS dried rosemary
3 slices of lemon
Himalayan rock salt/ cracked pepper

Place foil in a baking tray and place one TBS of the butter on the foil.

Place the salmon on top and score (cut) it in three places with a knife.

Place rest of butter in the scored sections.

Season and add the lemon slices and rosemary on top.

Close the foil over the top making a closed parcel.

Bake at 200 C for 30 mins.

Serve with steamed veges or salad.

It’s about 5 mins prep time and the rest waiting for it to cook, which is just enough time to whip up your veges or whatever else you are having with it.

Now that’s my kind of easy. I’ve heard others put olive oil instead of butter which is fine, however don’t be scared of butter, the saturated fat theory of heart disease has been debunked and it’s actually grains and refined sugar that contribute to heart disease and all other kinds of diseases. So enjoy the divine flavour of food with butter (preferably grass fed if you can get it) and enjoy your healthy food.

How do you cook your salmon?

Bon appetit!
Kristy xxx


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