Healthy Party Snacks

As the festive season is fast approaching, I wanted to post my super easy party snacks that are a more healthy alternative to chips and various other types of junky food that is normally served.

These are just olives, mini tomatoes and goats feta cheese on the base – handy that it cuts into squares as it helps it stand up and look more impressive!

There is something about the saltiness of the olives & feta with the fresh tomato that makes it a moorish mouthful and just perfect with drinks.

I’ve completed a detox recently with the Schkinny Maninny crew – more about that in an upcoming blog post – however it has made me rethink my dairy intake, so I might go off and experiment and see what else I can use in place of feta in this line up. Maybe another vegetable that has been marinated? Who knows, however all suggestions are welcome!

Here are a few other savoury snack suggestions that I have posted before, as well as Cheesy Crisps and Savoury Crackers if you can be bothered going to the trouble! And if you have some other healthy party snacky food that you love, let me know and I will share it around.

Party time!


Kristy xxx


One thought on “Healthy Party Snacks

  1. Mercer

    I love this! We also have a similar resource, but its healthy snacks for Kids- its come in really handy in terms of parties, weekends and school lunches!

    Thanks for the great recipes!!!


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