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Become a ‘Slim Birdy – Lite as a Feather’ Affiliate!

(For all trainers, coaches, e-marketers, bloggers, health nuts, and weight loss enthusiasts who just like to help others.)

If you loved the concepts in ‘Slim Birdy – Lite as a Feather’ and you are keen to help stop the unnecessary suffering of those trying to lose weight and earn some nifty cashola for your sharing and caring, then join our affiliate program!

Earn 40% per ebook sale!

It works best if you already have your own website or blog as you can set up banners and links to make it all automatic. Point your audience to the book, do a review, mention it in your posts or advertising, social media or emails and you will benefit from any sales made that are traced back to you. (This is all done automatically & cleverly though my ebook site.)

If you are peachy keen, here are the nuts and bolts…


Made at the end of each month via Pay Pal.


Use the book cover image from the side panel of my website. Simply right click and save as an image.

Get the link

To get the link and get started, we will need to sign you up as an affiliate, here are the steps:-

1. Click here to start the process

2. Register as a new user

3. Make sure you are still in the affiliates tab at the top

4. Click ‘Affiliate Admin’ in the navigation menu

5. Click ‘Get affiliate code’ link

6. Select ‘Slim Birdy – Lite as a Feather’ from the drop down menu (or you may be already there.)

7. Click ‘get affiliate link’ button

8. A page appears showing you the code

9. Copy and keep the link for use whenever you are promoting the book.

Some suggestions…

Embed the link behind the image of the book and display it on your website or blog.

Hyperlink words in your review of the book with your affiliate link.

Share it on your social media sites

Use it when emailing your friends and followers.

 So now we’re partners! Welcome aboard!

If there is anything I can do to assist your marketing and sales through your affiliate link, I’m thinking interview on your blog, share a recipe, do a giveaway of the book or anything your creative mind can conjure, I’m up for it. Anything win/win and I’m in!

If you have any ideas at all or the instructions above are not working for you (I found the link especially tricky at first), please get in touch…

E: slimbirdy (@)


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